A Movie about sacrifice

January 17, 2007 8:20pm CST
Few sci-fi movies could ever match the ability of "Armageddon" to capture the frail heart of their audiences. This movie talks about sacrifice, love and selflessness. It is indeed difficult to be a hero. And I presume heroes never chose to be called as such; they only prefer to follow the road which they thought to be the best road for them. This is one unforgettable movie for me. It's well-scripted and well-portrayed. I hope you enjoy watching this movie. I really love it.
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@geejoy (344)
• Philippines
6 Feb 07
"Armageddon" is a good movie..the plot of the story is very familiar but yet in some way, touching to those who are watching...the point of heroism there is sacrificing one's self for the good of other more people.....
• Philippines
6 Feb 07
Honestly I haven't seen this movie but my friend told me that this movie is one of his favorites. He even told some of the parts of the movie wherein the main character sacrificed his own life for the common good. I think that movie is very excellent. Sacrifice is indeed a noble deed that should not be taken for granted. We may not know that some people around us, sacrificed a lot for us.
• India
5 Feb 07
the movie has it all... nothing misssing in this oone...great acting... great story ...everythin about this movie is gr8...an amazing watch... have seen it atleast 30 odd times myself... u say a few movies can match this one ...i say no movie can match the tremendous direction and story of this movie.... wt say...