Your favorite Myth done by Mythbusters

Shark Myths - Mythbusters
@emarie (5451)
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January 17, 2007 10:44pm CST
I love watching the show Mythbusters on Discovery Channel. Some of the things they do there are just pretty damn cool and i like the fact that they HAVE to make things explode... What was your most favorite myth to watch being done on mythbusters? What was the most surprising myth that was either busted or confermed? ...I really don't know which ones i though were the best, they were all great. The one i like watching was the holiday one with the mentos and the whole line of things it did. that wasn't really a myth, but that was amazing how it all happend. ...I think some of the Vodka myths they did was pretty surprising. The mouth wash and foot order one was cool and the jelly fish treatment..
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18 Jan 07
My favorite one was when they tested to see if you were in a free-falling elevator, if you jumped at the perfect second, if you'd survive. They found some abandoned hotel and rigged up the whole test. Should I tell you the results? I don't want to ruin it for anyone!