great combination of culture and economic growth.

January 17, 2007 10:47pm CST
most developed as well as developing countries today are envious of the kind of economic boom china is showing and creating huge trade deficits with every country they deal with.not only the chinese culture has been very well known and well respected throughout the world even the food has been very top it all they are a huge military superpower with a permanent seat in the security council.china has really come of age and is now unstoppable.I am an indian and really want us to take some ques from the nation and build our own on the same lines .india being a democratic country faces more problems in development as compared to china but the since the people are seen happier here than most of the world as per various surveys,it seems india is taking a better path and should be a better place to live in 20 yrs frm now.but china has its high points and every developing nation should take cues from them for their own development.way to go asian dragon.
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• Japan
7 Feb 07
very nice discussion the points u highlighted are really interesting china could be a role model