What causes spina bifida?

January 18, 2007 1:02am CST
The family was not fully aware that such birth defect exists until my niece gave birth to a healthy baby girl with such spinal abnormality. Borm with a huge lump on her waist, Anyanka has to undergo surgery on her third day and subsequently spent most of her almost two weeks stay in an incubator. As she grew up, it was such painful to see her with mobility problems, paralyzed from the knees down and has to live up with a series of therapies and medical tests to deter future possible complications. Doctors and medical authorities told us that it was one of the so-called tubal birth defects that often develop during fetal development while others attributed such to insufficient nutrition during pregnancy. But my niece was so nutrition conscious than anyone during her natal days hoping that she would eventually give birth to a healthy, normal baby! What causes spina bifida?
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