O my big brother!!!

@pvleroux (607)
January 18, 2007 2:11am CST
I watched the highlights last night and how disgusting. It was a few minutes of agony. I suffered through the whole fight of the English girl and the Indian girl. I felt so sorry for the Indian girl that was attacked by this rude, dirty mouth women. I am glad that Michael Jackson's brother came in and tried and rescued the situation. How can we make her quiet. I think it is a lack of morals that she has and the Indian lady went through it very well. I am proud of her and she did her country well. There has been said so much in the Indian meida about this argument and even Gordon Brown of the UK had to give his views and said it was not racist remarks but culture clashes. I dont think it was culture clashes but only a women that can not behave herself or her mouth. She was disgusting. How can we help the Indian girl in the house?
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