after reading this would you say my husband has been cheating with a gas station

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January 18, 2007 3:04am CST
On sunday my husband and I got out of the house for a drive.On the way home I told him I would like to have something to drink. So he pulled into this gas station that he always uses to get his truck filled up, to pick me up a cold pop and sometimes a candy bar on his way home.While he was in the store one of the off dutie clerks ran up to the passenger side window of the truck where I was setting. She gets right aginst the glass opens her mouth as big as she can and then stickes her tonugh. After a second she is like well he must be to the store, she turns to look and says yes thats him mom. Then she goes gets in her car pulls it right behind our truck side ways. So they both can see each other when he come out off store. Well she starts yelling hi as soon as the door opens, he looks puzzled at first then his eyes gets big, he walks down side the passenger side of truck to see what she is saying he said. Then he walks on around the back of truck and gets in.She goes up the road. I ask him what in the hell is going on. He said I do not know she works here, why did you not ask her what she wanted? I was thinking she had the wrong truck at first, then i wanted to see first hand what was happening. if i had asked her she would have said something to play it off.Ithink so anyway. I asked him what she said he said she just said hello . Well i could not shake it off so monday evening I went to the store. My husband got upset for me doing it. he said it was because i was going to go show my azz and maybe got to jail for the night. but it never stopped him for jumping a guy at advanced auto that made me think something was for sure going on. So I went in the store, I got my pop paid for it. when they asked if that was all i said yes but i need to talk to the one on the phone.Just so happens she was talking to her boyfriend(wonder how many she has)? well she hung up and walked up to the counter and i said no you may want to walk back here. SHe did, I started off by asking I do not want to start anything in this store. I just want to ask you some things and you tell me the truth. If you tel me the truth i will not say or do anything to you. I will take it out on my husband, he knews he is married and he should not be be having this type of things happening. She had done it to so many different people that day she had to ask me if it was the white truck.I said no black, then she act like she did not know a black ford f150. I told her she was full of sh*t. Then i told her what she did that day and that i think it was a disrepectful thing to do while i was in the truck. she said she did not know i was there . I knew that .lol then I said if someone did that to her man ho0w would she feel, then she said well i guess i would not like it but that is just the way i am, i am just a really friendly i ask how did they get to be so good of friends. she said well i have been working here for alnost a year and he is here every three days for gas or more for you a pop and candy bar. she said see i know he talks about you all the time. I always ask him when he comes in the doors if it is to get you a pop and candy bar. If he does not get you those things I told him he forgot to get them for you or ask him why he was not getting them for you. So i ask so that gives you the right to ran up to him while you are not working and do the things you did on sunday. she said well thats just me i wanted to say hi.I would have done it even if i knew you were there.I got pissed i told her she had better watch herself. if she ever does it again and i catch her i will kick her azz. my husband said he would never stop there again but i do not know if he is telling that to get me off the trail of them or what.I have told him and her if I catch him there or someone tells me he stopped there he is gone/we will be done for good.there are more stores on that side of the road. they always make everyone pay for gas before they get it. but one of my sons friend worked there a while ago so she told the other works to let him pump that he would pay for it. Then one day we went there and they did not turn pump on he was so mad and said he would never stop there again.I got out of the car and started walking to the store and then they turned pump on. They know he is married, we have been there before together, he has got gas in the truck he drives to work and i have went in and paid for it.they have had so many women have to come down there on there about them flirting with husbands. you know i feel it would be my husbands fault. he knows he has a wife at home, all he has to say is stop acting like that or i will report you to the store owner and stop coming here if that does not work. sometimes i think some must of happened before because for the last few months he would not stop there when he was alone. it is the last store on his way home.if i said i needed something and he was passed all the other store he would say you have to stay on the phone with me. i would sometimes and he talked to me the whole time he was in there but other times i would say i have to stir the mash potatoes i need two hands for that. he would say then i am not going in there. So he would say i am laying the phone on the seat of truck or on the dash, you do not hang up i will be right back. It would only take him a few seconds. I never understood him doing that. sometimes he would turn around and go back down the road instead of stopping there but he got mad when i wanted to confront her. I wanted him to be there with me but he had a fit on that one. he said they would think we were stupid if we both went in there, just trying to start something . they would call the police on us. what do you think. he is in the recliner for now.i tried to get him to leave but he would not. it is my home, my truck, i bought and paid for them myself.i gave him the used boat i bought for him. i paid for all with a settlement i got back in 2001.I love him, he tells me he loves me.i asked him what he thinks of this woman he said she is a clerk a fat/ugly woman that takes my money a lot of the time when i buy something there at that store. you think they maybe trying to start things between men and wifes..just for fun..?????help...
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