Similarities in the world of Eragon & Starwars

@iamsree (441)
January 18, 2007 4:55am CST
After reading Eragon & Eldest, I felt a familiarity towards the characters & the plot ....After thinking for sometime i found out that Eragon is actually Luke skywalker in an alternate dimension...(just kidding)!!!!... i would like to point out some similarities in characters and the plot of Christopher Paolini's Inheritance Trilogy & George Lucas's Star Wars Trilogy. 1.In Inheritance Alagaesia is watched over & protected by the Dragon Riders.Similarly in Starwars the republic is protected by the Jedi knights of Jedi council.. 2.The Dragon riders are destroyed by Gallabotrix,Morzan & the forsworn and Alagaesia is turned in to Gallabotrix's empire.In Starwars,the Jedi is eliminated by one of their own,Anakin Skywalker a.k.a Darth Vader and the republic is turned in to the empire. 3.In Inheritance Gallabotrix persuades Morzan to betray the riders.Similarly in Starwars, the Sith overlord Darth Sirius tempts Anakin Skywalker with promises of unknown powers. Both Gallabotrix & Darth Sirius becomes the emperor after the massacre. 4.Both Eragon and Luke skywalker are the last members of theur destroyed orders- Dragon riders & jedi knights respectievely. 5.Eragon is the son of Morzan, the right hand of the starwars Luke skywalker is the son of anakin skywalker who later changes to Darth Vader. 6.Eragons mentor Brom who is also a rider kills Morzan, Eragons father .In Starwars lukes mentor is the jedi knight Obi Wan, who almost killed Anakin Skywalker.The injuries inflicted by Obi Wan is the reason for Anakin's metamorhis to Darth vader.Both Brom & Obi Wan dies halfway through the story. 7.Both Eragon's & Lukes next instructor is their dead mentors teacher.Oromis in the case Eragon & Master Yoda in the case of Luke Skywalker. I loved both the books of inheritance trilogy and i am not accusing paolini of copying the story of star wars.. well what do you guys think???...
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