How is do u like it?

January 18, 2007 5:43am CST
Hi, Freinds Im the member of do u like it or no. Do mylot really pays to us on our discussions. This is true that many of the site are spams they says that they will pay us but in reality they didn't. What are your thoughts about mylot. Will mylot will became the best paying site in the world or no. How much do you have earned from mylot and you had been paid for it. This discussion is only the discussion not any bad thing. this will increase the mylot population and this site will became world's greatest site in the world. mylot is good but many people do not trust on the sites which comends that they will pay you for doing any work. This discusion will bring revolution in the mylot population and will also help the mylot members to trust on mylot and discuss on the subjects. Thank you, suyog
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@ILANEDRI (1922)
• Israel
18 Jan 07
There has been so many questions about this, and new discussions are opened almost every day about this. Look, I'm a user in myLot for a month and I really love being here. You have great people here and opinions from all around the world. MyLot do pays! So there is notthing for you to worry about. Just response a good answers and you will make your money. I wish you all the best and good luck with your earnings :)
• India
18 Jan 07
Hi, Thanks for responding. But do u really know it pays us. Have they had been paid you or are you just bluffing. Thank you, suyog
@cuddleme01 (2728)
• Philippines
19 Jan 07
i liiiiiike mylot a lot. i have not been actually paid yet but am qualified for payout this february. even if mylot is not a paying site, i will still like is just really entertaining. you will learn a lot.
• Philippines
18 Jan 07
yeah i like it so enjoying what im doing here and also enjoying lil money..yeah maybe..uuu