James Bond in Hoylake

January 18, 2007 5:55am CST
Daniel Craig, who is he? okay he was unknown and I did him a great injustice by not giving him a chance. I have yet to see Casino Royale but the clips, they are awesome. This boy, I mean Man because Daniel is all man! Is a James Bond in the making. He is cold, he is calculated and imagine if necessary he could be cruel and kill which is what the 00 stands for. Licence to kill. He is 007. No one can beat or fill Seans shoes and no one should try. But Bond is a legend and the legend lives on in Daniel Craig. He lives about 20 miles from my home in Hoylake. Good luck Daniel I hope you have a good and safe trip as James Bond. Licenced to Kill and Licensed to Thrill!
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• Oman
5 Feb 07
the funniest part is we have all seen tomb raider but nooner really remembers craig from there. to help jog your memory he was the sly treasure hunter, Alex West
6 Feb 07
Ohhhhh yes of course I vaguely remember him in that :D
@kavita23 (2996)
• India
19 Jan 07
Her name is Caterina Murino. She's the one who played Solange in the Casino Royale.She's from Sardinia in Italy!! But I have have to disagree with you....I think that Eva Green is muuuuch more beautiful than Caterina Murino. Eva has that Classical type of Beauty that you dont really see these days but you always see woman who look like Caterina!! Just my opinion mate!!
19 Jan 07
Forgive my ignorance on Eva Green, but was she a bond girl? The only Eva I know is Eva Longieria, from Desperate Housewives. I mean I don't know her personally but I would like to k now who Eva Green is and what film she played in, or films she acted in.
7 Mar 07
I cannot WATCH any PREVIOUS 007 movies after i saw craig's performance. SO I MUST DISAGREE WITH YOU. Daniel is the BEST james bond EVER! I wish i could have seen Daniel Craig's James Bond FULLY sophisticated and mature as James Bond really IS. and I really DONT LIKE spiky hair cut, but this is only his FIRST 00 mission. cant wait to see BOND22 with longer hair.
@hiveenu (521)
• India
19 Jan 07
I've seen Casino royale. Daniel Creig gives a sincere performance as evidenced by the opening chase sequence which no Bond characters till date physically attempted. But I feel he lacks those twinkling eyes and that confident and babe attracting thin smile which is supposed to be forever etched in any James Bond's face. He looks intense as well as tired throughout the movie. James bond is supposed to be relaxed and cool going about his business. And to tell you the truth, the new Casino royale DOES NOT feel like a James Bond movie at all. It is at the end of casiono royale that he attains 00 status. So, probably we have to wait for the second movie to truly assess him.