Do you think that Plastic Surgery is one form of humilation that women suffer ff

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January 18, 2007 6:36am CST
I've always thought that plastic surgery is very humiliating for women. In several cases, women resort to plastic surgery because of their partner's attitude towards them. For example, sometimes after marriage and after having children, women loose thie glamour and gain some weight so they don't look as good as before. And in a lot of cases their partner's attitude towards this change in physical appearance is negative and puts a lot of pressure on those women. What do you think? Am I right in thinking that? Or am i just too biased?
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@svlana (96)
• Russian Federation
18 Jan 07
The psychological problems of a woman, I think. Simply a woman doesn't feel herself loved. For me, more easy to find another man who would be love me with my age and character changes than to do plastic 'coz of him. :)
• Egypt
23 Jan 07
I completely agree. If my partner doesn't appreciate me for who I am then I don't I should be staying with him, he's not worth it. Finding another partner is for sure much easier then doing plastic surgery :)) Thanks for the reply
@mdilan (803)
• United States
18 Jan 07
I used to work in a very prestigious hotel. Some of these women acquire a monkey looking face years after the surgery.
• Egypt
23 Jan 07
yaykes, that's awful. I can imagine the horrible side effects of some of the plastic surgery operations on skin. I'm sure it makes the skin grow older faster. Thanks for the reply.