prevent cruelty towards animals!

January 18, 2007 6:50am CST
how many of u are against cruelty towards aniumals?I am strongly against it.But am unable to stop people treating animals cruely.have u ever seen lorries carrying buffallos tied nose to nose and the eyes of those helpless innocent creatures in tears?they seem tired and helpless and they rest their heads on the rope.Another worst sight is the broiler chickens hung upside down with their legs tied up and carried on mopeds.Is there anyway to stop all this?May be u can tell stop the vehicle and report to nearby police station.But it doesnt acutually work out.The driver is not going to listen to us.I hereby seek ur honest suggestions to help me in preventing this.If there is someone who is against this, like me, then i shall be glad in welcoming any measure which can be effective in putting and end to such activities.
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• India
23 Feb 07
I think you may be belonging to my state where what you described is common sight. And I have the feeling that, of all the people in my country the people of my state are the cruelest! I have often worried about such things just like you and once I even e-mailed to a VVIP who is known to be a famous animal lover in our country and who can exercise some power also. But that person has not resonded to my letter and so I don't know whether any steps have been taken to prevent this cruelty. On seeing such sights, what I often do is try not to look at those poor creatures! That is to save my heart from burning. What else can I do? Can a single person like you or me do any thing against such evils the society does not try to prevent? A mass protest should arise. But we cannot expect that in a society where 90% of the population comprises of meat-eaters! I did what is in my power -ie writing to that person. Of course I will join hands with you for any thing that we can do to prevent such cruelties. In our state an animal lover is a 'laughing butt'to others. By the way, I and my 2 daughters are vegetarians.
@lilaclady (28238)
• Australia
18 Jan 07
There is not much the single person can do, I have belonged to many animal societies over the years and they try and do their bit, but they can't be everywhere and do everything, I love animals and it breaks my heart too when I see animals being taken to the slaughter house, it makes me want to let them go free, but people who think like you and me, people who really care are in the minority and when you tell people about your feelings some think you are crazy, I have been through all that...I just don't know what to suggest....just keep on caring and maybe the rest of the world will eventually care too.