would you agree to having your dog put down if they bite someone?

South Korea
January 18, 2007 7:16am CST
if this frequently happens yes,but if this is only once i don't think i would even consider that..but that's just me.if he gets too dangerous then ok.
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@rainbow (6763)
18 Jan 07
No, not a chance, she's never bitten in nearly 11 years and she's nearly 13 now, if she bit then she would be protecting me or the children. The problem is that she's a doberman and I might be forced to by the court, but I would exlore all the alternatives for her first, e.g. muzzles, teeth removed etc. She is my baby but if she suddenly beame unbearably bad tempered and bitey I would think she was in pain and heave her at the vets anyway. I'd rather cut my arm off than have her put down for no really good reason