do you agree at the result of the worst dressed celebs? our lindsay top 2 or 3!

January 18, 2007 7:50am CST
as i am watching tv a week ago..a certain talk show caught my attention.. they were discussing about the celebs who top in the ranking of worst dressed celeb for it 06 or 07..i forgot..but anyways according to them britney and good friend paris hilton ( who happens to be one of my fave celeb) tie in rank number one.. i think its beacause of the negative write ups about them not wearing undies.. this gave them a really negative remarks..:'(.. and for our lindsay lohan..she ranked 2 or 3.. i dunno whats their basis of this so called "thing".. but i dont agree.. i find lindsay's style unique and oohhh sooo ooozing with appeal..._
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