Which is the funniest scene in the movie Road Trip??

The Road Trip - This scene shows the scene when their car explodes after they try to cross an area by air on the car.
January 18, 2007 10:30am CST
What according to you, is the funniest scene in the movie Road Trip?? The movie was amazingly hillarious throughout. But still, which scene will be rated by you as the funniest??
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20 Feb 08
i would have 2 say my funniest clip is when the gang go to barrys grandparents place. and barrys grandad has got a hard on and he knocks the ornament off the table with it. the guys faces when he does this is quite comical.
@esteria (396)
• India
14 Jan 08
well for me the funniest scene came when they just say not a lot of damage is done to the car and the car just blasts. the reaction on the face of them all added to the comedy.
• Philippines
19 Aug 07
i think when they go stay in an all black fraternity!!! ha ha!!
• United States
18 Jan 07
Ya know honestly I do not know. I enjoyed the whole movie and thought it was all funny so I dont know what the funniest would be.