what should GOD give ?

January 18, 2007 10:39am CST
Once a god asked to X,I am happy,Tell me what should I give to you? X said, give me lot of money.God asked, Are you sure? God said o.k. and gave X lot of money.then initially it was alright,but few days later,he and his family members became so much lazy.Nobody was working.This has resulted into breaking family and frindly relations and finally X became ALONE and ALONE. Again god asked to Y, Tell me what should I give to you? Y said,give me lot of honour,popularity,prestige. God asked,Are you sure? Y said yes. God said o.k.Then again initially it was alright.BUT later on honour,popularity converted into EGO and Arrogancy.Finally Y also became ALONE and ALONE. Then it was Z to whom god asked ,tell me what should I give to you ? Z said,give me only happiness.god asked are you sure? Z said YES. But now god could not decide,what exactly to be given to Z for happiness??? Friends pl. complete this,what should god give to Z to become happy life ?
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@ashishsab (498)
• Canada
19 Jan 07
First thing is God doesnt has to think what to give. He knows what to give, when to give, how much to give, to whom to give. Still as you raised a query I think my below answer may be the response. Once three old man were sitting outside the house of a family. When the man (owner of the house) he came and he saw that its cold and three man are sitting outside the house he asked them who they are and requested them to come in but they refused saying that we all three cannot come to your house and told at one time only one of us can be in yuor house so you decide whom you want to be in your hosue. Then they gave their introduction one was Money, Second was Properity and Happiness and the Third one was Love. The man was completely out of thought what to do he went inside and discuss with his wife and little daughter. Man said money should come it can make our life easy and wife said prosperity and happiness should come that is what can make our life easy and on that time their little daughter said why are you forgetting Love. Its love which we should ask to come in because if Love is their between us we can win everything. After listening to this all three decided to ask Love to come in and when they went out and ask that they want love to come in then the moment love entered after him other 2 also came in. The man raised question you said all three cannot come but now you also came. Then they replied we are there where there is Love. If love is there Money, Properity and Happiness has to be there. Love is what makes Life Live. I think this answers your query. :)
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20 Jan 07
Nice answer with proper example. Thanks for response. One more thing,I know GOD is great. but here I have taken GOD as a represntation to show superpower. People like to read God's stories, and that is the intention
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21 Jan 07
I unrderstand dude and I added this so that in case anyone who is reading this discussion thread have even a little confusion that can be clear. Hope this helps everyone to unrderstand the thread properly. Cheers. :)