How you can prevent google form cancelling your adsense account?

@kirosh (81)
Sri Lanka
January 18, 2007 10:55am CST
Very recetly one of my friend got terminated from google adsense. At that time he had $567 in his account. He has hold hid account. He lost his all money. my best advice is not to hold the money in your adsense account. My frind got teminated because he had invalid clicks on his site. What you can do to prevent from invalid clicks. My suggession is to use some good statistic counter and analyse your data daily. If you feel someone try to have invalid clicks on your site then mail to adsense support team that saying what was happend in your site. I have done this two three times. one time my site had 12 clicks for the same user. I got a positive reply for adsense support team. One thing to remember never ever click your own adsense ads.
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