chivalry is dead..

January 18, 2007 11:30am CST
Don't get me wrong. I'm a female and I'm not trying to limit the rights of a female being. But in my country, many women are still stuck up in traditional beliefs that they believe that men should serve them. When it comes to taking a seat inside the train, women should be able to sit first while some men would pull the act on standing up to give way for a beautiful woman. Let's face it! Not all women could take a seat inside the train because the city could get too populated for every woman to be presented with gallantries. If we want equality, then we should all face the fact that women don't need to go first when entering movie theaters or fine dining restaurants. A man can't put the wrong foot forward or they'd lose all the privileges that they're having with the woman beside him. But having women entertaining this thought is just way frustrating if we're thriving for equality..
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