How Much Do You Help Your Children with Projects?

@cdirock (290)
United States
January 18, 2007 11:32am CST
The only thing I do for my child is help him organize the thing and perhaps go over what he is going to write. I NEVER write anything for him. He is self-efficient and can do that all on his own. In fact, he had a project due last month where he had to rewrite the story in a book form and he did very well on it. I only helped him put lines in the booklet and pointed a few things out. But most of the work was done on his own. However, my friend wasn't so lucky. THe teacher called her and thought she did most of her daugher's work which she didn't. I'd like to hear from you all and how much you help your child and what grade they are in. I understand you as a parent should help but not do the project of course.
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