Gay...does it matter?

United States
January 18, 2007 11:36am CST
I am probably one of the most open-minded people. I love people of all sorts, i have no real prejudices against anyone. My husband is the same for the most part. But he uses the bad words to describe certain races, sexualities, ethnicities etc. around my daughter. I have yelled at him to stop. She is just starting to talk and I don't want her to pick up these words...what should i do?
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@Marie2473 (8521)
• Sweden
18 Jan 07
You should sit wown with him and explain this. yelling is not gonna help coz atleast for me - if someone is yelling i do not listen. just say that u need to talk and tell him that u are afraid that ur daughter will pick this up, and that u think it is fair for u to ask him to think about what he says when she is around. Good lcuk!
• United States
18 Jan 07
that is a really good point about the yelling. i guess i do tend to sound like a nag. perhaps i should come across as more lenient.