chevy blazer electonic problem

October 5, 2006 4:03pm CST
2002 chevy blazer was shipped overseas and in a container for a year. Battery was dead on arrival, car was jumped and started drove to house replaced battery and car would not start but would run if I poured gas into the throttle body. Replaced the in tank fuel pump, still no start unless gas is poured into throttle body. bought elmscan diagnostic scanner and hooked it up. The power light comes on for the scanner but the scanner does not read the codes. I tried the scanner on another car (land rover) and it did read the codes and operated properly. I have checked all of the fuses several times. I am in Africa and can not take the blazer anywhere for diagnosis any ideas as to why the code reader will not read the codes from the car? I should assume that when they jumped the car at the port to start it that they reversed polarity on the cars dead battery and damaged the system. Suggestions for troubleshooting anyone Desperate in Africa
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• Canada
11 Oct 06
check fusible links under the hood on the pasenger fire wall