January 18, 2007 1:56pm CST
i always login in mylot every night, fisrt log in and chek my Lot earnings , my referrals , my message and try to discuss. never forget i drink black coffe and smoking for find good idea.
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• India
18 Jan 07
hey dude,,,i couldnt understand why did u started this discussion. there is no question present here on which u wanted to hav an opinion on,,,,,,next time do think about ur discussions while starting it
• Canada
18 Jan 07
yeah there is nothing to add up with your discussion... you just wrote down your daily rouitne.....
@Daniel_7 (91)
• Czech Republic
20 Feb 08
Well, I think that you could respond on this discussion if you really wanted... without talking about how bad the discussion is. You could at least describe your own daily routine - what you do when you log in to mylot and what you do during it... it you also drink coffee and such things. :-) you can always respond if you want to.
• United States
27 Nov 07
This is by far one of the weirdest discussions... There is nothing that will continue this discussion, but at least everyone has an opinion about your topic. Haha.
@lastwish (780)
• India
18 Jan 07
I cant find a good idea unless you quit smoking... Best of luck!!