Most played rpg

@TheOwl (22)
January 18, 2007 7:11pm CST
Which RPG producers is popular today? For me, I was only exposed to Role-playing games from Forgotten Realms and Blizzard Entertainment and they are awesome. But the thing is that I'm not too sure about other RPG from other producers.
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• Brazil
12 Jun 07
i like Goonzu and ROSE online two nice RPG's
@merkava (1226)
• Philippines
12 Feb 07
Me and my old buddies play D&D 3.5e. We first thought that our girlfriends might think it's too geeky for men like us to play but eventually they ended up liking the game more than us. They even surpass our highest male player level. They're in their epic levels while we men are doing catch-up. Hehe, they wouldn't survive w/o me. What's the use of a psionic, wizard and Barbarian w/o me, the Cleric!!! Hahahaha!!!
@Themonte (94)
• Italy
31 Jan 07
I like also Vampires
• Hyderabad, India
19 Jan 07
This article is about games played by playing the role of a character. ... ENWorld - One of the most popular RPG