the best part of your motherhood

January 18, 2007 8:27pm CST
being a mom is one of the greatest thing that i experienced. whats the best part of your motherhood and what do you enjoy doing the most?
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• Canada
19 Jan 07
I have to agree being a mom is the greatest feeling in the world . I couldn't narrow it down to one particular thing that I like the best though because I enjoy everything about being a mother . From the first time you see your baby to all of there firsts then when they learn to talk and tell you for the first time they love you , then as they get older and go to school for the first time (that was very hard and emotional for me ), then they bring home their first report card and are so excited for you to see it , as they get older they start bringing home all their friends for you to meet and then when they get older they are all excited about their first love etc... There is just so many wonderful experiences you get to feel as a mother . I wouldn't change it for the world .