Why love is so stubborn?

@pusiket (1759)
January 18, 2007 10:28pm CST
I have this long time relationship that lasted for five years. After we parted ways, we no longer heard about each other. Then seven years after, he e-mailed me. It was the start of a new friendship. But deep inside me and the way I sensed him, we are still very much in-love with each other. But the problem is, we are both committed to somebody else. Why love is so stubborn? It keeps on insisting even the situation no longer permits?
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@stonehr (818)
• Croatia (Hrvatska)
20 Jan 07
It's quite hard to answer on this question. I wonder where he was these 7 years. Well he made mistake, he probably thought that You'll be waiting for him whenever he contacts You. Old loves is always old loves. You probably felt that You love him so much after he e-mailed to You. Do You felt to love him before he e-mailed to You? And what You can do now? You can't divorce now. Maybe will be good point to be spoken here, after You ended with one relationship, don't go to another one before You are sure that You ended with it. So this is same as I told myself that I'll never fall in love again, since in my mind I'm just not ready for the new relationship, but in my heart I'm ready for it. Your situation it's so complicated and You are not only one in the world with this same problem. Only what You can do is to forget him and he to forget You, since you two are committed to someone else. Yes I know that's so sad to do this. Well You can keep in touch like a friends not like a lovers.....
@abhiquest (580)
• India
19 Jan 07
Its not love, its people who are stubborn!