is that bad to deal with bad emotion during ur accident?

January 18, 2007 11:25pm CST
So far this kinda not such a big deal discussion afterall everybody basically having bad moods day after day....but what if ur in the middle of awful accident. my bf has an accident 2 yrs ago.. until now he has amnesia and noone even the doctor can tell when his memory will be restore. to hard to deal with him sometimes during his bad mood. he only say that he likes to do something but he doesnt know where to start. i dont pity him but i give him more encouragement to pursue it , but it end up he throwing things distroying item or electronic. what else can a woman to say just to make him happy and make him happy. sometimes i feel useless..being him around that i can do anything but hug him and kiss him.
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• India
4 Feb 07
jus support him, n b der wen needed. even i had met wid an accident last yr feb where a drunk old man crossin de road foolishly banged my scooter,it was not my fault though but still, bad memories strike back,my girl does de same to me she hugs n kisses me wen i'm fully down most of de times... i've had to face a lot of problems since tat fateful day,life has no been de same for me since then. i'm tryin really hard to come back cheerful in life. :)
4 Feb 07
yes.. am doing everything to make him... happy as possible. but sometimes for me is not enough...depression comes alone and if that time comes...i cant do anything but to be quite...thanks for ur reply...hope u feeling better now...Good luck and god bless you still!