Relay for Life

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January 18, 2007 11:29pm CST
Do you have the Relay for Life in your area or hometown? Have you ever participated? Why or why not? If you have, how did it impact you, personally? What was your team name, logo, or motto? (FYI: Relay for Life is a fund raising event that raises money for cancer research, where people form teams and the teams all get together and do a continuous relay, where there is always at least one person from each team, walking the track, for 12 hours. People can make tributes and honors for those they have lost, or those who have won a battle with cancer. There are speakers, often, too.) This February will be my second year doing Relay for Life. The first year, our team was called "HELP" which stood for Hope, Envision, Learn, and Persist. This year we are "Racing for a Cure" and our motto is "There is no finish line until there's a cure." I have had family who have died as a result of cancer, and so it was emotional from the get go, but to walk through lines of lighted bags in memory of people was just overwhelming. To hear survivor stories, and see so many survivors was uplifting. It was, in a way, an emotional rollercoaster that made the Relay even more important, in my eyes!
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24 Jan 07
There was a relay for life around my hometown last year and there were lots of people who did it. I couldn't because I was 9 months pregnant, but my friends had a team and they said they cried a lot because it was very emotional.
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