What do other drivers do to tick you off?

@EdwardF (431)
United States
January 18, 2007 11:31pm CST
Things other drivers do that tick me off: I drive the speed limit. I figure the cost of a ticket is a real waste of money. Also I get me car insurance reduce for being a good driver with no tickets. The problem being, it seems nobody else wants to drive the speed limit and they are always on my butt. I don't speed up, because I mean they aren't going to pay my speeding ticket and I don't hit the brakes. I don't want to cause an accident either. So I just cruise down the road with this idiot riding my rear, praying I don't have to slam on the brakes for any reason. Another thing they do is: I always use my turn signal and use it early. When I turn left, I wait for the turn lane before I get over. It seems to never fail that a car a few spaces back is already in the turn lane, turning left before the lane begins. I have to stop traffic and wait for them to go by before I can get over. This has probably happened to all of us: You are driving down the road. Trying not to tailgate and someone squeezes in front of you. Now the whole purpose of leaving a space between you and the car in front of you is gone. Another thing I've noticed: I never try to pull out into the path of another car, even if I can make it. What I've noticed is someone will pull out in front of someone and cross traffic and the on coming car will always start honking their horn letting you know they own the road. The problem I see is if these drivers thought it was too close for them to pull out, why don't they ever let off the gas or put on their brakes? It even seems like they are trying to see how close they can get. What ticks you off about other drivers?
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@82idiots (595)
• United States
19 Jan 07
Drive too slow, put on the brake in the middle of the road, and talk on their cell phones and forget about everyone else.