Are the Human Resources are going to Dry?

January 18, 2007 11:42pm CST
What are Human Resources a)Food, b)Water c)Fuel d) Electricity like all For living we need sufficient resources. But what is going to happen now, Each & every day we are facing many problems about our resources. a) Food: This is an essential resource to the human being, without this no one can live. But r u taking care of these? No. Then how after some decades shall we get proper Food? No Then how?Just review u r Olden golden Days, Those u r lack of Food? Never, Why? Because the Resources for Food are plenty than the Existing users. And the Food resources are natural made, not an artificial one. When u r taking that type of natural Food u r good in health. But now what happend? R u getting Natural Food resources, without any Chemicals, u r answer is Very Rare. Taking an poluted Food and becoming unhealthy. Day/Day we are facing critical Viral diseases, From where these Viral diseases are coming, Thru our Artificial Food only. When we are taking natural food at that time only some Viral diseases are there. But now Each & every day u r knowing new diseases and going on to find the solution and proper medicine for that. Are this necessary? To control of this type of diseases are in our hand. When we take proper natural food only then u can confidently say I am a healthy. without that u CAN SAY I AM HEALTHY? Any body please telme ?
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