the pain of a long distance relationship!

January 19, 2007 12:46am CST
we've been together for 3 years, seeing each other almost everyday. he left last November for Saudi Arabia to work. His mom offered him the job. we chose to stay committed despite the distance. i guess i can say we have plans for the future already. we promised to hold on and wait for each other. i know i can but the longing and loneliness just keep pulling me down. i got used to having him all the time or at least when i needed him to. i admit, i am so emotionally dependent on him. and it's hard being alone. i cry almost every night since he left. sometimes i would try to find ways to get through the loneliness like going to the mall. but that would cost me much because u know us girls, we can't resist to buy the things we like. so i stay home alone, when i run out of ways. just last sunday, i stayed home and i find myself crying every time i remember our moments together. and who would not! i posted our pictures on the walls of my room. i couldnt sleep that night, my eyes just won't shut. morning came and i was still awake. i began to think that, that was a sign of depression and i was worried. i wasn't able to go to work that morning. told him what happened and he got worried too. but i am far from being depress. searched the internet for the symptoms, and i'm far from being a candidate. i guess i just missed him that much. they say, "tell a friend about what you're going through or go out with them so you'll forget bout what you're feeling". friends are great help! but sometimes you just can't pressure them to be there when you need them. they have their own personal crisis too. you just have to fight that feeling alone. i grew up with my father working abroad, and i know what's it like to be a daughter with no father telling you how beautiful you are on that dress you're wearing or tell you not to go out with that guy cause his a loser. so i promise my self not to go out with men who are working abroad. but maybe i am meant to be with one. hehe! so, i just would like to ask for some advice on how to get through this kind of relationship and could it really work? some people just don't think relationships like this don't work. even i used to think it won't too. but i have to believe it will. so please inpire me. plsssssss
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• Indonesia
20 Jan 07
Keep communicating with your partner, is one of the way to preserve the relationship. Also try not to think about it too much (though I know it's hard). Don't let all the negative thinking plays in your brain. I wish you luck with your relationship.