What do you say about this game?

January 19, 2007 4:24am CST
This game is better than the original Final Fantasy X. With includes dark aeons and with a last aeon called Penance! This game is worth playing and it never gets old even though Final Fantasy IIX is now on stores. Anyone here who plays FFX:international, what do you think about this game? :) Of all the Final Fantasy series, this is my favorite! :)
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@m_perez (506)
• United States
30 Jul 10
Final fantasy ten was a great game. I loved using the summonings and I made sure I got them all. This game was great it actually gave me a challenge. Especially when fighting bosses. Some of them would take me like an hour to defeat. I love how the game demanded that I increase levels because the monster would waaay more difficult as I progressed. I love the final fantasy series especially final fantasy 7. It was hilarious XD. Especially because yufi. Crisi core was good to since it gave more information about cloud's past. The ending was sad though D:.
• Canada
8 Jun 10
I have to agree Final Fantasy X was by far my favorite of all the Final Fantasy games
@Paleflare (141)
• Philippines
22 Mar 10
Hi tidus, Yes I agree Final Fantasy X: International is way more better than the original Final Fantasy X Because of the Dark Aeons and Penance Just as you said, This game couldn't get any better than this. All hail Final Fantasy X: International! LOL I played the game many many times maybe a hundred or more and It really fascinates me every time I played it, Its really good game.
@khateya (265)
• Australia
17 Nov 07
i am a fan of final fantasy series. i used to play FF VII, FF VIII, FF IX, FF X and FF X-2. what i have spent the most time and most enjoyable is FF X. i really like the graphic and the theme of the game. I really like FF X international that we can beat the boss espeially dark summon and THE LAST BOSS PANACIE. I also like FF VIII but FF X beat the FF VII with the great graphic..