the moment of truth:bugs or daffy?

January 19, 2007 4:32am CST
the rivalry between bugs and daffy is well known...let`s settle this once and for all!Who is the star and why did u chose him?
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• Bulgaria
19 Jan 07
:) Well...Bugs is cute..and charming and gets away with it every time...but i prefer Daffy...he's funnier and i love the way he talks:P..besides, he's a black duck..while i consider myself the black sheep:P...we got lots in common. :) Daffy is way more interesting, don't you agree? ;)
• Romania
19 Jan 07
it`s hard to tell really...both have unique qualities.My opinion is that bugs and daffy were created to fill eachother out i suppose,didn`t manage to find at bugs what u have in daffy...and the other way around.1 thing i can tell,and it sounds really odd but....bugs is a more serious character than duffy,sounds odd but it`s true.:D
@Profetu (1253)
• Romania
15 Feb 07
I'm not choosing between them...Looney Tunes are AMAZING and lots of fun.I would choose Yosemite Sam ...that character is soo funny.
@tokster (165)
• Philippines
19 Jan 07
daffy the loser