How much do you save of your salary or put away for your retirement ?

@koedoe (100)
South Africa
January 19, 2007 4:44am CST
How much percentage wise do you save of your salary towards your old age or for general ? And how do you save it ? Mutual fund ? buy stock on the stock market ? Have it paid of yet ?
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@Shababy (140)
• United States
31 Jan 07
We contribute 8% of my husbands salary to our 401k and his employer matches it. We should save more but our finances won't allow it right now. I guess it is a good thing we are saving period. My husband set up the account. I just dont consider the future as much I think what he did was a good thing.
• India
20 Jan 07
Very sensible questions indeed!But don't you think that the answers to all these questions are quite relative? We need to save something for a rainy day for sure. But what percentage is a big question. It depends on various factors. First what are your commitments and income. secondly In which country you live in ?and thirdly what is the size of your family and what kind of savings do you make? I am an Indian and as you know there is very little social security measures by Govt. But we do have pension in the public sector and that make the need for savings a bit less. secondly still the needs are moderate here and you are not unwanted by your children still! as far as I am concerned being a lady and still under the protection and care of my hubby , i need to save less. I save about 20 percent besides the compulsory savings from the pay. the amount so saved I am putting in mutual funds and for the past 4 years I am getting a regular return of around 30 percent !?? Yes the stock market in India is on the boom. I do not know what would happen tomorrow but I am assured of a pension from my organization .