your mind or your heart?

@joshen (47)
January 19, 2007 4:51am CST
what should you use for loving a person,your mind who tells the truth beyond any lies or your heart who always been fooled?
5 responses
• Philippines
20 Aug 07
use both but don't let your brain govern everthing when it comes to a relationship.
@gemsky (15)
• Philippines
21 Jan 07
of course i will always use my heart...because in loving you should always use your heart,does the mind can use in loving?.. i wonder?..hehe!
@Redkitty (480)
• India
19 Jan 07
i am use my mind with my heart
@wynna1 (1291)
19 Jan 07
I think it really depend on the situation again, Usually when you say "loving a person" its always our heart that we can rely on. But then again, they said that mind is at the top of our hearts which means that if the things get tough or you really need to weigh properly then sometimes its also good to follow what your mind dictates.
@friend722 (343)
• South Korea
19 Jan 07
for me the same i use for loving a person my mind and my heart....thats its lies no fooled...