Work out Discipline

@crom07 (233)
January 19, 2007 6:56am CST
Around 2000 to 2003 i gained a lot of weight,,i reached 225 lbs..well my height is 5'10,and for sure im overwheight. Around late 2003 i got sick,i almost spend my time in my room to recover,actually it doesnt bother me,its only a high fever. after a week i looked at my self at the mirror i loose weight...hmmm i said its good.after that i stared to work out at my home doing some dancing,push ups,situps,every day...i also give myself a big big diet.around 2004 i went to the gym to give me more and more workouts,to loose weight.. and it materialized. and soon around 2005 i do first its hard because my upper body is hard to handle because of the lifting stuffs in the gym.i jog for 500 meters only for 1 month, then after wards 1kilometer, then my metabolism really gives me a very good feeling. 2005 i can jog for almost 5 kilometers for 45 mins..then 2006 i can jog for 8 to 10 kilometers,and i do it every day,sometimes 5x a week. Right now im still doing it, my point is im afat boy before but now even if they call me naive thing..because im so concious in my shape right now.i weight only 168lbs,i have firm muscles,cuts,abs,well i really do it with a powerful discipline.some of my co gym members,some of them lose their initiative.they get fat many of them. they lose there discipline.. Many of us can do it, some of us will doit for certain time only.. i have a work,many of have work also. Some others says that they dont have time to spare for workouts.. me i can give my self for just 30 mins..and its a big thing in our body to work out even if its only 30 mins. My point is dont get tired! because work out is always be the best thing that will gonna give to our self right? in the matter of health okay.. One day when we get older. you will see the difference of having discipline, and having doing nothing. trust me!
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