Good Food or Good Medicine

Healthy Food - Building of a Healthy Diet
@Enticer (100)
January 19, 2007 8:18am CST
Having a good food all the day is the best way to stay healthy and ignore a list of diseases. But our taste implores us to get indulged in fast foods or some other eatables and beverages without worrying about their ingradients. And then we prefer medicines to fight against ailments. Do you go with your taste? or you have a good dietary schedule enriched with needed vitamins and minerals for the day.
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@aidonia (4210)
• Greece
2 Mar 07
Junk food - Junk food can be taste by not healthy
I thing I'm at the middle.They are are some days that I forget what mean healthy food but I try remember it fast again.It's difficult to don't go by taste as you say and if this happen only few times at the month is fine.Just we must take care the rest of the days what we eat.I'm mother so I care what I'll give to my son for food.I prefer home made food and I try cook what he likes at home.For example have Friday night for him.He likes fries potatoes,hamburgers ....and many other junk food,so I try bring the fast food in my home by cooking the foods by myself.You can go by taste and keep the health at your life too.