If you get million dollars what would you do?

January 19, 2007 8:48am CST
What would you do with million dollars?
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• Netherlands
25 Jan 07
Probably buy some cool stuff, some gifts for my girlfriend and go on holiday a lot. Visit the world. From what's left, I think I would give it to charity as I don't know what to do with that much
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• India
26 Jan 07
thanks for responding.
• United States
19 Jan 07
A million dollars in this day and age isn't alot anymore, so i think i would be very smart with it, i might buy a house and a car and then i would probably invest some of it.
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• India
23 Jan 07
May be a million dollars wouldn't be alot anymore, but having 1 million dollars is not so easy.
@samehmam (56)
• Egypt
26 Jan 07
hi it is agood dream so if Ihave it Iwill buy a yacht and stay on it all my life eat fish and smill a pure air
@mishang (499)
• Philippines
26 Jan 07
gosh! that will be very a large amount of money here at our place, philippines. if i get lucky enough to have a million dollars, i will definitly buy myself a house and lot, a car, and make something useful out of it such as investing it to a bussiness or many a dollar account so that it can grow more. i'll also invest that money for the wedding that i always dreamed of, give also to my family especially my mom. then the rest will be saved for future use. i'm not gonna spend it all away with wants, yet i'm going to spend it wisely to ensure stability and future growth.