Condemn the WRONG decision of Honourable Supreme Court .

January 19, 2007 9:29am CST
The KILLING was more ruthless than the RAPE. A 9 years old girl was raped forcefully by two scoundrels , one of age about 23 and the other above fifty . Fearing of being caught if the girl tells others about the incedent the two strangled her to death and and put the body under a septic tank . The people particularly women activists raised strong voice against the ghastly inhuman act . The Honourable Lower court as well as the Honourable High Court judgement executed the two by death sentence . To me the death sentence by simple hanging until death is less than sufficient for such criminals . They should have been hanged in public so that others who has the tendency to commit such crimes ( rape and killing ) should be shocked . But the Honourable Supreme Court has reduced the punishment to Life Long Imprisonment . It is a wrong decision . It will send a wrong message to criminals that if you can pretend to repent for you past crimes you might even be acquitted . What is your opinion regarding the PUNISHMENT FOR RAPE AND MURDER OF MINORS who are so innocent ?
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