How long is parents responsibility?

January 19, 2007 10:20am CST
American's are very independent. Age of 18 most are out of the house living independently. But not every country offers a lot of work like US. If ever that you are lucky to have a work. Will your sideline support your studies. What if your not intelligent and need more focus. How long? For as long as you live in the same roof? For as long your at school? For as long as they want and can possible support you? For as long as your settled?
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@joshua_77 (612)
• India
19 Jan 07
Hi I am from an asian country in my country we want our parents responsibility up to end of any one of our life time,because we are like our parents advice and particularly we like our parents blessing. if our parents with me means they guide us to live in a good way otherwise we fall in with wrong friends and we destroy our soul,I agree our parents are help for our studies up to our college life some times they will help us up to get a job after we get a job we are treat our parents well in our family,so we are happily live here with our parents. see parents are very important persons in our life than others without parents we can't come to this our parents all help us always.