How can you forgive someone?

January 19, 2007 11:05am CST
Forgive and forget, thats what they say, but its easier said than done. How can you forgive someone who has betrayed your trust?
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@Myrrdin (3601)
• Canada
26 Feb 07
Forgiveness can only come from within. Only you can decide to forgive someone how has wronged you. It is an easy thing to do really, just choose to do so and work on it. That being said I agree with QueenKaren's response, never ever forget. First of all you can't forget, second of all forgetting means you are open to this kind of betrayal again. The forgiving is the easy part, its trusting the person again, the person who betrayed you has to earn it back. I am a big believer in the trust is something earned not something to be expected.
• Philippines
25 Feb 07
I agree with you. Its really hard forgiving someone specially the people who've hurt you are the ones closest to your heart. But i guess for us to learn how to forgive is learning to let go and accept things. People make mistakes and The best way to learn how to forgive is to pray for God's guidance.
@loved1 (5336)
• United States
26 Jan 07
I usually have to ask God to help me forgive them. Keep in mind forgiving someone does not mean you have to give them the opportunity to hurt you again. It only means you are not holding a grudge.
@cuddleme01 (2727)
• Philippines
22 Jan 07
forgiving is hard especially when the wound caused by a person is deep and painful. its usually the time that helps us forgive.