for all u skaters out there!!

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January 19, 2007 11:12am CST
what would be a good board to skate with that has alot of pop and is light weight? every board that i get is either too heavy for me or has no pop. the price doesn't matter to me. a friend also told me that I should stick with an enjoi. im confused. I just want a good deck.
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24 Jan 07
I think your problem is that your board is too flat.Enjoi which is created by Rodney Mullen,is generally a flat board which could be difficult for you to pop the board. I would recommend you try out an Alien Workshop. They're light weight and have tons of concave and pop, the only problem is that your gonna have to pay the "pro board" price. But isn't bad,cause you really get your money's worth. Another company would be either habitat or organika, they're branches of AWS and they're pretty good(most the sponsored kids ride em'). But if your lacking cash, then i would go with a powell mini logo. They aren't bad for the price you pay and some of them like the "killa concave" models are often used alot in my area. You normally pay around 20-30 bucks and they last you around a month or two. But with a board you really get what you pay for(at least the price goes),good luck though.
@volcom (161)
• United States
10 Feb 07
I agree with mini logos they are amazing for the price and i can still ollie 4 decks stacked with them amazing pop concave for the 30$ price tag i would choose this over any pro deck any day. some decks i would reccomend are Baker Plan b zeros are great for street skating. And also i reccomend an alien workshop decks
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11 Apr 07
Alien Workshop is really good....very long lasting pop and very light....Habitat is really good as well but they are made by the same company and the only difference between the two is alien workshop has more concave (its personal preference between the two so just pick one of the two and give it a shot)
• Canada
28 Jul 07
get an element deck or an alien workshop, they are the best in the business
28 Sep 10
if you want a good board but your not a pro. well you better practice more even though its heavy but you know how to handle it you pop it or to flip.. does not matter if you have an ugly board at least you know to how to do tricks.. toymachine board or bakers if you really want a good board.