Why should we buy iPod-s

January 19, 2007 11:53am CST
The iPod has become a brand...so cool people have iPod...there are many more music players but when u say iPod people go like...wooowww...that's becouse...it's sooper good...and fiable...i got a video one and i'm prud of it...:
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• Romania
29 Jan 07
not all people are fund of they're ipod's.i've got an ipod video and i was disapointed by it.it oftenly stops working.and i am not the only one with this problem.but otherways, when it's working i find it really amaizing:D
• Romania
29 Jan 07
Well it is amazing:D...mine works...maybe i'm not going 2 have the same opinion after it brokes:))
• Philippines
7 Feb 07
Maybe you need to update the firmware of your iPod. Apple regularly releases firmware upgrades to remove bugs and make your iPod function efficiently. If you're having problems, try to update your iPod first. I've found that regularly updating your iPod, minimizes operating problems, so I suggest you try it.
@hijas007 (1386)
• India
22 Feb 07
if you hear any songs from ipod,you will never ask this question again!sound quality is superb! i have bought a brand new white i-pod this month.oh god it is whiter than i thought!i have 15GB version!but as they say aa rolls royce is rolls royce! when i carry it with me to my college,my ipod made more news than any hot girls !even some of my professors put my ear phone to their ear!honestly i am flattered! this one was the most amazing thing i seen in recent days.
@Lecaro (1105)
• Romania
6 Feb 07
i received an ipod nano 4gb for christmas... before i had it i didn;t know so much about it.. i knew just that i want an ipod... now i love it... is so good i hope one day i will have an ipod video :D