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@oneelf (175)
Russian Federation
January 19, 2007 1:27pm CST
Hi, I think many people here learn english as foreign so don't know it very well. I thought, let's share useful frases for spoken language or proverbs or something else,,,abd explain a bit,,,it helps to remember new words better than boring textbooks. Thank you I starting - 'Neither here nor there'(neither,nore means nowhere)
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• United States
19 Jan 07
I've been told that English is hardest to learn. And when I think of the few phrases I've learn in other countries in their native language I think I understand a little of the difficult part. English spoken is very different from written words and varies depending on where you are. I my self, being from the U.s. never realized a few quotes made over the years. English is a common language that separate one group of English speaking people from another. I think they mean that English is a language that is always changing and different parts of the country as well countries use it to fit their needs. Often phrases only mean something to a local few. At other times a whole country will use a phrase. There really is no text book way to learn conversation English without living with the people. I think that holds true for many languges.
@oneelf (175)
• Russian Federation
20 Jan 07
may be you know is german good for studing on my own? with reading books...grammar
@Tari500 (70)
19 Jan 07
Neither here or there means it is nowhere e.g The man is neither in the house nor at work.So the man is not in the house and is not at work also.