When is Enough really enough

@minerc (1373)
United States
January 19, 2007 1:49pm CST
I agree that parents should have to pay child support, What I disagree with is this, If parents share the Custody 50 percent and 50 percent why should either have to pay child support? If both parents have to pay rent or a house payment, have a vehicle to get back and forths to work in, have electricity, water, and gas why should one pay to the other for these items when no matter which one has the child or children they still have to have these items. Why can the parent who has the child collect child support and also collect medicaid, food stamps and the earned income credit on there taxes? Why don't the parent collecting child support have to report it as income on her taxes or applications for welfare. Why does the government give people medicaid when the other parent supplies medical insurance? Where does the Child Support really go, No matter which parent has the child Each has a house, clothes and food for the child or children? Why Doesnt the parent who collects child support have to keep up with what it was spent on and If that person doesnt then it not be given to her. Isnt the best interest of the Child the important thing? What is wrong with this, are we trying to punish the parent who does not have the child? Mind you I am aware there are true dead beats out there, and they should be punished for not helping raise there children. But there are alot of people out there who work there buts off to support 2 households, the ex's and the new family. To Find out that the ex couldnt even get the child thinga that were needed, or couldnt even celebrate the childs birthday.
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