My cat knocks over his wate bowl!!

United States
January 19, 2007 2:32pm CST
I have a kitten who is approaching 7 months of age. He loves water! Which is weird to me because I don't know many cats who enjoy water as much as he does. When I get in the shower he jumps right in with me and licks up all the water falling from the walls. He also has a terrible habbit of knocking over his water bowl. I have been putting a towel underneath, but he is doing it more now. As soon as I fill it up he tries to walk on the edges of the bowl and ends up getting off balance. Or he sticks his paws in and splashes around. It was cute at first, but now my dog can never get a drink of water because the cat keeps dumping it. I am buying a self watering system this weekend. I heard that the running water is what fascinates some breeds. Hopefully it will be sturdy enough that he won't knock it over. Does anyone else have this problem?