Bad Dream or Good Dream : It is not Colour!

January 19, 2007 2:49pm CST
Have you ever dreamed a rainbow in colours? You search into your memory and keep on taxing your brain. I suppose, you can't. You have 'seen' rainbow in your dreams but not in colours. You have seen it in flat black and white. Actually black and white is the language of dreams, colour is your supposition. Nobody dreams in colour. Why so? Why dreams are seen in black and white only. There is no convincing answer as yet. When we see with our physical eyes, our eyes see 'it' with our optical nerves coming into the fray and then our brain interpretes its vision in actual reality whatever colour it does have. Without the synergistic interplay of our optical nerves and brain, we cannot see anything. The optical nerves send the signal of a vision to our brain and our brain after interpreting the vision gives the vision of that vision. If somebody's optical nerves fail to respond or his brain fails to function properly, he cannot see anything as such. A colour-blind man is a true example of his optical nerve malfunctioning. What happens in cases of dreams? Dreams are 'seen' in our subconscious mind and here our physical eyes have no role to play. Our subconscious mind is the depository or logbook of our past experiences and ideas. The logbook is all written supposedly in black and white and also the events of colours are in the realm of conscious mind. So when dreams arise in our subconscious mind during our sleep (this is called non-rem sleep) and we 'see' them in our mind's eyes, we see them in black and white only.
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@Shar11 (419)
• United States
19 Jan 07
I think it is a misconception that nobody dreams in color..In fact studies show most people DO dream in color.. I know I do.. And sometimes the color is more vivid than it actually is in waking life..