Is there anything wrong with being a male nurse?

January 19, 2007 4:31pm CST
I want to be a nurse but when i decide to go september i am wondering if the female nurses at the nursing school will treat me differently because they may feel its not for me to be there because im a male. I had a lot of family members who are nurses,i work at a hospital but i just want to be a registered nurse anything wrong with that?
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@cyfernet (2797)
• India
19 Jan 07
U can be a male nurse as long as u are comfortable working that way.
• Melbourne, Florida
19 Jan 07
There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. And I don't think anyone will make fun of you for doing so. I think it's a crime that men are conditioned to get only 'masculine' jobs. This is ridiculous. And I think many men have missed their true calling because they did what society said their supposed to do, instead of what their heart desires. Do what you love to do, and you will indeed be prosperous.
@classy56 (2884)
• United States
19 Jan 07
there is nothing wrong with being a male nurse,i see them all the time at our local they also work on me when i had surgery,im please to see more males are going into the nurseing daughter-in-law just got her rn licenses an there were alot of males graduated from nurseing school.good luck to you go get them nurseing license
• United States
19 Jan 07
male nurses have their place in nursing like opration rooms and insane hospitals gender in nursing is not the matter but you have to like your job