Beyond The Break: Anyone else on here familiar with it?

United States
January 19, 2007 6:02pm CST
Beyond The Break Just started on the N last January. I started watching it when it first started and have been watching it every since, actually there's a new episode tonight in an hour I have to watch. I was just wondering if anyone else watches this show and If not you should. not too many people I know have even heard about it because since noggin is supposed to be a kids show during the day most people never look at it again but at 6 all the good stuff comes on. I just wanted to hear some responses to what you guys think about this show if anyone out there even knows about it. Its about these girls that all live in the same house with they're "surf coach" justin. They're on a surf team called wavesync and all sorts of drama goes on through out the house!
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