Can you marry an ex-convict?

January 19, 2007 7:41pm CST
Love is no longer blind.I cannot marry an ex-convict,most especially if he or she was in prison for an offence that he or she truely commit.It will be a stigma that one has to live with for the rest of one's life.
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@grayxenon (1306)
• Philippines
20 Jan 07
your decision is practical and the easy way out. but remember also that love can still make us blind, there are those i know that no matter how hard they try to stop loving a person who is not the ideal one, they still could not leave them behind. Can't blame them. Marrying and ex-convict? why not ex means he's paid for his sins and if repented, what is the problem? everybody deserves a second chance. People are not perfect, commiting a crime is in our nature, the more important part is wer are willing to change.
@tibbler (229)
• United States
20 Jan 07
well I have this same problem. I'm in love with this guy who has been to jail & my mom hates him. She keeps telling me that if I date him she'll dis own me. How can a parent do say that to there own child. So I really want to be with him after hes been in jail.