What erks you the most in everyday life?

January 19, 2007 8:43pm CST
Basically what is your pet peve of the day... Basically this thread is a general complaint thread... throw out your oppinions on the government or about the guy that cut you off on the way to work this mornin. How peopl look at your age and are condicending because of it. I mean granted i am only 24 and maybe dont have the "life experience" that most people have but seriously.. I may know how to do things a bit better from my own experiences... So there you go... trust me it fels good to just get stuff out in the open so GIVE ME YOUR COMPLAINTS!!!!
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@not4me (1713)
• United States
20 Jan 07
Lately I hate when veterans of online forums get all uppity and superior to new joins who ask basic questions. Many of these people, especially the women for some reason almost attack the "n00bs" and feel they are god's gift to the Internet. I'm mostly talking about fan forums for celebrities. It is sooo pathetic! lol.
• Canada
20 Jan 07
Very good point here!! I mean think about it this way... everyone is a "noob" at one point or another i mean give everyone a break!!! without us NOOBS there wouldnt be any way for forums or ANYTHING to keep going so if ya like the forums let us noobs be!! lol... i mean afterall.. when your gone we wont be the noobs anymore haha