What do you know about foot-care?

@prasanta (1947)
October 6, 2006 4:29am CST
Our feet are one of the sensitive parts of our body. If they are damaged, we can neither stand properly, nor even walk. Our feet are in direct contact with the earth, if you walk without shoes, when you wear shoes they are in contact with the natural or synthetic leather, in any case getting feet infection is not a rare case. Athlete’s feet is a common problem for many people, then there are others like corn formation and so on. This discussion is aimed at finding out 1) What are the common foot problems that we suffer from? 2) What are the common remedies? 3) How to maintain a hygienically good condition for feet?
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• United States
21 Oct 06
You are right foot care is important because, they are what enable us to walk, stand, run, and move. I have a bad habit of pulling the skin off the soles of my feet when I am stressed out. In the morning my feet hurt so bad I can barely stand. God Bless
9 Oct 06
Feet are often something I neglect, it’s easy to really if you're not concious about them. Though after reading some of the points on here I’m going to put them into practise.